Hello, I'm Jeremy!

I'm a software architect at McGraw-Hill Education, living in Phoenix, Arizona. My areas of focus at work include interoperability in education technology (particularly LTI); API design, development, and documentation; and the development of our LMS software and other digital platforms.

I love working with PHP, and I help organize the local Arizona PHP User Group (@azphp). In the past, I worked at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, Washington, where I worked on the AWS SDK for PHP. While there, I founded the Pacific Northwest PHP Conference (@PNWPHP), as co-organizer of the Seattle PHP User Group (@SeaPHP). I have also spoken at various PHP conference around the US.

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Work With Me

Need a high-quality, well-tested PHP library or API client written for your company? Need a code review, an API review, technical documentation written, or UML diagrams drawn to support your developers? I'm currently looking for part-time evening/weekend work. Contact me!